At the ceremony of international Day / An interview with Godana Arero the student from Ethiopia

TUMSPR News: On March 1 2015 at the ceremony of Day Godana Arero describes his life experience in Iran.

1. How would you describe your life experience in Iran?
Life in Iran is very good, I came here in 2012 till then I had completed my courses works in nicest manner and now conducting research here in Iran. Coming to the point Iranian people are very friendly and lovely community to accept guest regardless of race, religion and genders. Professors are also besides their skillful teaching capacity, they are counselors and advisors as family. Therefore, from these all beauty and quality I’m enjoying well. Especially using opportunity and privilege given to us/International students/ from International Affairs of Tehran University of Medical Sciences. I used to visit many historical cities like Abadan and places which I have learnt a lot of events, beauty of Iranian cultural heritage, history and so forth… On top of these I enjoy accommodation facilities, gyms, swimming… and Iranian food also “ Halal” food, palatable and have nice, attractive tasting like ‘Chelo Kebab” unlike western food which I’m enjoying it very well by now. Supports have been giving by International Office/Affairs for us are also crucial and unforgettable such as “partial student food/lunch services and food ration. As I mentioned earlier support from professors as well as research supervisor is heart touching and unforgettable parts of my life experiences, years long staying in Iran.
To sum up Iran is place of people around the world who has interest in/to develop his/her career development come and learn, research and explore for future advancement in any specific aspect of his/her interest. It is secured place for any life safety. So, anybody who wants to come and study in Iran, here you go without any doubt!!!
2. Have you noticed any special features about living in Iran?
Yes, I appreciate country large scale infrastructure development undergoing, expansion of university, institution like “Traditional Medicine”, research in different fields such as Public Health, School of Medicine, School of Nutrition, school engineering and so forth
3. How do you describe TUMS?
TUMS is international accredited the largest, "most distinguished “and highly ranked medical school of country. It is pioneer in research center throughout the country with a noticeable lead over its counterpart (peer) universities.
It is center of exploration, center of study, center of research in collaboration with academic societies
4. How has your experience at TUMS been influential on your personal and academic life?
The experience I have been acquiring from TUMS influenced my personal and academic life so great that I am now full confidence to be independent researcher, dependable knowledge to carry out international mission to solve and alleviate any nutritional crisis globally. It created in me strong spirit of great leadership, integrity, and responsibility of any kind in field of nutritional science
5. Try student life is full of memories; please think of your best memory since coming to TUMS and share it with us.
My best memories since I have been come here are valuables and knowledgeable social network, interaction with students all over the globe, beauty of diversity and environmental learning from societal cultural heritage, value, norms and events
6. Do you recommend TUMS to your friends in your country? Why?
Yes, already I have been recommending for many countrymen and many of them had come, reason is as I mentioned earlier its International accredited University, highly equipped both with professors and teaching facilities and best study center in the world, place of exploration and center of research to be academia researcher and add value to academic societies in any field of interest.
Photo & News By: Fariba Hafizi





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