Our Mission & Vision is to train food and nutrition professionals with the capacity of in-depth food and nutrition problem solving within an integrative ‘cell to society’ spectrum, to extend the frontiers of nutritional science practice at the service of the Iranian people, and to play a leading role within the international food and nutrition community, particularly in the Middle East region.

In a changing world, equitable, effective, efficient and sustainable responses to pressing food and nutrition issues at the national and international levels will only be possible with research and knowledge based on the generating spectrum of Cellular/Molecular Nutrition, Nutritional Epidemiology, Community Nutrition, and Food and Nutrition Policy. Professionals trained in these fields will be able to contribute to government and community initiatives throughout the country with the aim of improving the nutrition situation and quality of life of the Iranian people, as well as provide an example of leadership in these fields for the region. The Mission: 1. Creating specialized graduate and postgraduate training in food and nutritional sciences 2. Integrating food and nutrition sciences to ensure the rationalization and operationalized of the ‘cell to society’ concept in education, training, and research 3. Building up leadership capacity in food and nutrition and promoting interdisciplinary scientific research to the highest of international standards 4. Enhancing the effectiveness of food and nutrition policies and programs in the broader context and priorities of national development in Iran 5. Strengthening a bottom-up, integrated, and community-based intervention in addressing community and household food and nutrition security.