Dr Hosseini

1. Handbook of Nutrition in the Aged
Authors: Hosseini S, Ghiasvand R
2009, Fourth Edition, Chapter 12, Original 2. How Can We Decrease Our LDL Cholesterol
Authors: Hosseini, S
2004, Original 3. Child Obesity
Authors: Hosseini, S., Rezaee-Khah, Y
2004, Original 4. Nutritional Tips for People with Diabetes
Authors: Hosseini, S
2004, Original 5. 101 Tips for Improving Your Blood Sugar
Authors: Hosseini, S
2005, Original 6. Nutrition in Prevention of Cardio-Vascular Diseases
Authors: Fakhrzadeh, H., Hosseini, S., Larijani, B
2007, Original 7. Nutrition in Endocrine Diseases
Authors: Hosseini, S., Nejati, S
2007, Original 8. Nutrition in Lower GI Diseases
Authors: Hosseini, S., Seyed-khoei, N
2007, Original 9. Nutrition in Upper GI, Liver and Gal Bladder Diseases
Authors: Hosseini, S., Menasheoff, I
2007, Original 10. Nutrition in Kidney Diseases
Authors: Hosseini, S., Amir-kalali, B
2007, Original 11. Nutrition & Diagnosis Related Care
Authors: Rahmani, Kh., Shahidi, N., Hosseini, s., Sohrab, G., Azadbakht, L
2008, Original 12. Total Parenteral Nutrition
Authors: Hosseini, S., Ramezani, F
2008, Original 13. Tube Feeding
Authors: Hosseini, S., Ramezani, F
2008, Original 14. Weight Loss in simple words
Authors: Hosseini, S., Nejatii, S., Abolhassani, R
2008, Original 15. Transplant Nutrition
Authors: Hosseini, S., Giahi, L
2008, Original 16. Eating Disorders
Authors: Hosseini, S., Seyed Khoei N
2008, Original
1-Botanical Medicine in Clinical Practice, Chapter 77, influence of plant-based diet on bone mineral density
Authors: Hosseini S, Hossein-Nezhad A, Maghbooli ZH, Larijani B
2008, Original 2- Botanical Medicine in Clinical Practice, Chapter 59, The efficacy of Citrullus colocynthis Fruit and Silybum marianum (Silymarin) in treatment of diabetes
Authors: Hosseini S, Fallah-huseini H
2008, Original


Tehran University of Medical Sciences - School of Nutritional Sciences and Dietetics.