In order to support and encourage students’ valuable activities, Tehran University of Medical Sciences is going to be held the 6th Avicenna Student Festival on 26th of February 2020. This festival is a Resume-Oriented event and it is going to be held for Iranian and international students of Tehran University of Medical Sciences.
It is worth mentioning that in the “International Student” section of Avicenna Festival, international students who have resumes (with presentable documents) in more than one category including educational and research, will be chosen as the Comprehensive International Student.
International Students who want to participate in 6th Avicenna Student’s Festival please notice to the below information: 1. Students who were received top rated in All Educational and Research titles and also have any certificate from educational and research congresses and seminars

2. Those who have published book or any Seminar Lecture:

 Can participate in this category

?Students should send their CV for us:International unit
2. The last deadline for sending documents: Jan 4th, 2020


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