Maryam Mahmoudi

(Associate Professor)

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Tel: 021-88955742


Introduction of International Affairs:

Our goal is to train food and nutrition professionals who possess the capacity for in-depth food and nutrition problem-solving within an integrative ‘cell to society’ spectrum, to extend the frontiers of nutritional science at the service the Iranian people, and to play a leading role within the international food and nutrition community, particularly in the region. In a changing world, equitable, effective and sustainable responses to pressing food and nutrition issues at the national and international levels will be founded on research and knowledge in the related spectrum of cellular/molecular nutrition, nutritional epidemiology, community nutrition and food and nutrition policy. Professionals trained in these fields will be able to contribute to governmental and community initiatives throughout the country with the aim of ensuring food and nutrition security and overall quality of life of the Iranian people and provide an example of leadership in these fields for the region. Our goal is to become a centre of excellence (COE) that can play a leading an effective role within the international food and nutrition community, particularly in the Middle East region.

Main Objectives:

• Encourage and facilitate participation in advancement of science and access to frontiers of knowledge • Improve the institutional environment in the favor of scientific creativity, mentoring of outstanding scientists

• Development of new strategic knowledge for national development • Expand and promote international scientific collaboration.

• Address national priority agenda in science and technology