Laboratory of Nutritional Biochemistry

Biochemical reactions are taken place in cellular level. Therefore, it is hard to separate nutrition science and biochemistry.

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Nutritional Genomics Laboratory

In Nutritional Genomics laboratory, the focus of studies is on the interaction between nutrients and genes. Theses interactions are divided in three categories...

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Laboratory of Community Nutrition

The results of studies about Food and nutrition security have shown that Iranian rural and also urban Population suffer from nutritional insecurity.

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Cellular and Molecular Nutrition Laboratory

These days doing experiments using the cellular and molecular model is very common in the human nutrition research centers. It helps to understand the relationship between...

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Laboratory of Clinical Nutrition

Laboratory of Clinical Nutrition is one of the school’s laboratories aiming to determine the rate of energy metabolism in different situations such as resting period or physical activity...

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The Center of Animal Researches

The using of animals in science and medical research is increased dramatically. Therefore, our knowledge about the body of the animals (as experimental models for human nutrition) should be updated

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Tehran University of Medical Sciences - School of Nutritional Sciences and Dietetics.