Head of Center:

Dr. Maryam MAHMOUDI, MD, PhD.

(Assistant Professor) 


Students’ Scientific Research Center
Nutritional Students’ Scientific Research Center (NutSSRC) is an academic student-operated center at TUMS. Center offers participation in a variety of activities and leadership roles. The activities hosted by NutSSRC are designed to enrich and expand Nutritional students’ knowledge, skills, and experiences in research, communication and leadership. Several research-related workshops are organized by NutSSRC including Search in Biomedical Databases, Reference Manager, Biostatistics and SPSS, and Scientific Writing, and also workshops with the aim of improving clinical and social skills of nutrition students including Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition, Biochemical Assessment, and life skills
Two associations are active in this center; Diet Therapy and Free Discussion
Diet Therapy Association
Diet Therapy Association was established in 2014 with the aim of improving diet and nutrition therapy of the students. In this association students strive to broaden their knowledge about nutrition therapy in various diseases. The association during its activity had several achievements especially preparing 13 evidenced base guidelines in Inherited Metabolic Diseases with collaboration of Genetic Center of Iran’s Health Ministry
Free Discussion Association
Local and International Students with various discipline participate in association meetings to discuss about a single topic per a session that is pertaining to Public Health issues. The aim of this association from its founding in 2014 is to improve English speaking skill of local students, however recently with participation of international students, in one part of the meeting students speak in Persian to improve Persian speaking skill of the International Students as well
Several Students Campaigns are organized by TUMS SSRC as well, including Diabetes, and Cancer. During these social activities students learn how to communicate with people and use their knowledge in practical settings 
It is worth mentioning that Center’s officers elected each year

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Tehran University of Medical Sciences - School of Nutritional Sciences and Dietetics.